Anchored Instruction: Why We Need It and How Technology Can Help (Bransford et al.)

Bransford, J. D., Sherwood, R. D., Hasselbring, T. S., Kinzer, C. K., & Williams, S. M. (1990). Anchored instruction: Why we need it and how technology can help. In D. Nix & R. J. Spiro (Eds.), Cognition, education, and multimedia: exploring ideas in high technology. Hillsdale N.J.: L. Erlbaum. The authors discuss the advantages of … Continue reading

Cognitive Flexibility and Hypertext: Theory and Technology (Spiro & Jehng)

*Spiro, R.J., & Jehng, J.C. (1990). Cognitive flexibility and hypertext: Theory and technology for the nonlinear and multidimensional traversal of complex subject matter. In D. Nix & R. Spiro (Eds.), Cognition, education and multimedia: Exploring ideas in high technology. Hillsdale, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum. The authors discuss the necessary application of cognitive flexibility theory when promoting … Continue reading