Direct measurement of cognitive load in multimedia learning (Brunken, Plass & Leutner)

Br√ľnken, R., Plass, J.L., & Leutner, D. (2003). Direct measurement of cognitive load in multimedia learning. Educational Psychologist, 38, 53-61. Research on multimedia learning uses cognitive load as a theoretical rationale to explain differences in learning outcomes, yet often such findings lack supporting evidence in the form of measurement of cognitive load on the learners … Continue reading

Multimedia Learning (2009) — Ch. 1-3 (Richard E. Mayer)

This post covers Section I: Introduction to Multimedia Learning: Chapter 1: The Promise of Multimedia Learning Chapter 2: The Science of Instruction: Determining What Works in Multimedia Learning Chapter 3: The Science of Learning: Determining How Multimedia Learning Works [*Note: Much of this material was copied directly from Mayer’s book.]