Situated Support for Learning: Storm’s Weekend with Rachael (Bruckman)

Bruckman, A. (2000). Situated support for learning: Storm’s weekend with Rachael. Journal of the Learning Sciences 9(3), 329-372. The author makes a case for “situated support,” reminding designers and researchers that the context of support (i.e., the identity of the source of support and the connectedness of that support to other elements of the learning … Continue reading

Groupware Goes to School (Stahl)

Stahl, G. (2002). Groupware goes to school. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 7–24. The author describes a computer-supported collaborative learning application called Synergeia), a groupware software program that was extended to support collaborative learning in a classroom environment. In addition, Synergeia facilitates knowledge building, perspective intertwining, knowledge negotiation, portfolio sharing and knowledge artifacts.