The Designer’s Notebook: Educational Games Don’t Have to Stink! (Ernest Adams) First, I hope Adams has since (this article is from 2005) come to realize that the role of a teacher is not necessarily to use “his charisma to create interest and excitement in the student, and [to use] his attention to reward, punish, and compel attention back from the student.” Advertisements

The Importance of Being Playful

Bodrova E. & Leong, D. J. (2003). “The Importance of being playful.” Educational Leadership. 60(7) 50-54. This article discusses the importance of “mature play” in children’s development and offers some guidelines to support it. (Interestingly, there was a recent article in NYT magazine that describes the connection btw mature play and executive function. The authors … Continue reading

Affective Aspects

Sharp, Rogers, Preece — INTERACTION DESIGN: beyond human-computer interaction This article discusses how interactive systems can be designed to provoke an emotion within the user.

Notes on “Tap is the New Click” (Dan Saffer)

(January 23, 2009) Dan Saffer, principal designer at Kicker Studio, covers the basics of touchscreen and gestural technology including: ergonomics, a brief history, prototyping and documenting, and how to communicate the presence of a gestural interface to users.

Interface Critique

For the interface critique, I decided to take a closer look at my beloved HP printer-copier-scanner, which has a huge sticker on the front with the promise “Intuitive Control Panel.” We’ll just see about that…

Representational Autobiconography

This was a surprisingly difficult assignment for me, mainly because I had very little faith in my ability to tell a story without words, especially in any sort of clever way. The “story of my life” felt so complicated and full of personally meaningful events that I didn’t think I could do it justice with … Continue reading